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2018-19 2nd Session
February 4
5:40 PM - SSA 00/01 vs Cardinals
6:20 PM - SSA 02/03 vs T-Birds
7:00 PM - SSA 04/05 vs Bayern Munich
February 11
5:40 PM - Cardinals vs T-Birds
6:20 PM - Bayern Munich vs SSA 00/01
7:00 PM - SSA 02/03 vs SSA 04/05
February 18
5:40 PM - SSA 04/05 vs SSA 00/01
6:20 PM - T-Birds vs Bayern Munich
7:00 PM - Cardinals vs SSA 02/03


The following links directs you to the League Roster and Player waiver.  Please download roster and return by week 2. 

Each Player is required to download and complete/return the waiver to your team coach before the season starts.  Each coach must turn in the waivers and league rosters before the first game.  


Player Waiver

League Roster 

Players are only allowed to play on one club during the leagues.  3 guest players from the same club may play on different teams as long as they are in different divisions/leagues.  Fighting during the game will result in automatic RED Card and expulsion from the league.  No SLIDING or slide tackling is allowed during the games.