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      Week #10   31-Mar      
Div Field A     Time Field B     Div
U-14 SSA 2005 VS SSA 2004 9:15 AM SSA Joliet  U10 VS SSA 2007/08 Sky U-12
U-16 SSA 2002 VS SSA 2003 10:00 AM SSA 2005 Sky VS Scorpions FC 2004 U-14
U-16 SSA 2004 VS BI Soccer 2002/03 10:45 AM SSA Girls 07/08 VS HF Girls 04/05 U-14G
U-14 SSA Joliet 2004 VS RPFC 11:30 AM Cicero Mayas Academy 2002/03 VS Scorpions FC 2003 U-16
U-14G Mayas Academy Girls 04/05 VS SSA Girls 04/05 12:15 PM Mayas Academy 2006 VS SSA 2006 Premier U-12
U-10 SSA 09/10 VS SSA Girls 07/08 1:00 PM BI Soccer 2009/10 VS SSA Girls (Tony/Sammy) U-9
U-12 SSA 2006 Sky VS SSA 2006 Navy 1:45 PM Mayas Academy Girls 04/05 VS BI Soccer Girls 04/05 U-14G
U-9 SSA 09/10 VS SSA 10/11 2:30 PM BI Soccer 2006/7 VS SSA 2007/08 U-12
U-12 SSA 2006  VS FC Republic 2007/08 3:15 PM SSA 04/05 Girls VS BI Soccer Girls 04/05 U-14G
U-9 SSA Girls (Tony) VS SSA Girls (Sammy) 4:00 PM BI Soccer 2008/9 VS SSA 10/11 U-10
  SMALL FIELD              
U-6 SSA Boys Sky VS BI Soccer U-6 1:40 PM        
U-6 SSA Girls VS SSA Boys Navy 2:20 PM        

This is our last week of our youth league for the second session. Championship games will be listed as blue and 3rd place games as green. All other games will be consolation matches. Thank you for participaing this season!