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      Week #7   20-Jan      
Div Field A     Time Field B     Div
U-14G BI Soccer Girls 2004/05 VS Harvey Dragons Girls 9:40 AM IEFC 01 VS Joliet Utd Girls U20 U-20G
U-14G 3rd SSA Girls 2007/08 VS H-F Girls 10:20 AM Joliet United Girls 2002 VS America Muppetts U-16G
U-14G Final Mayas Academy Girls 2004 VS SSA 2004 Girls 11:00 AM SSA Girls 98/99 VS SSA Girls  2002/03 U-20G
U-16 Final Joliet SA 2002 VS SSA 02/03 11:40 AM SSA Girls 2004/5 VS SSA Girls  2002/03 U-16G
U-14 Final SSA 2004 VS SSA Joliet 2005 12:20 PM Mayas Academy Girls 2002 VS Real Cruz Azul 16 U-16G



Joliet SA 2003 VS SSA 2003 1:00 PM Mayas Academy U-20 VS SSA Girls  00/01 U-20G
U-10 Final SSA Joliet 2008 VS SSA Girls 2007/08 1:40 PM SSA 2002 VS SSA 2004 U-16

U-10 3rd

FC Republic 2009 VS Joliet SA 2008/09 2:20 PM SSA 2007/08 VS SSA 2006 III U-12 3rd
U-9 Final SSA Girls (Sammy) VS SSA 09/10 3:00 PM SSA 2007/08 Sky VS FC Republic 2007/08 U-12
U-12 Final SSA 2006 Navy VS SSA 2006   3:40 PM SSA 09/10 VS SSA 10/11 U-10
U-9 3rd SSA Girls (Tony) VS SSA 10/11 4:20 PM SSA 2005 VS SSA 2005 Sky

U-14 3rd

This Sat the 20th will be the last day of the first session for all divisons except U20G and U16G divisons. Some of the games will be for first and some for third place. Standings will be posted at Dome on Sat. We will start second session next week Jan 27. Any questions see Iran or Karsten.